Interview with a FACT Challenge Winner: Macheru Karuku from the E-Peace Building Project (Crossposted from

Netsquared is starting to post follow-up interviews with the 5 FACT Challenge Winners - Kabissa Connections is among them and will be featured next week. I will be crossposting the African project interviews here to share them with the Kabissa community and invite you to explore the project ideas, learn from them and give them your support. Read on to learn about the E-Peace Building Project in Kenya's Ewaso Ngiro River Basin.


Water is life as the saying goes.We use water for our day to day activities but what i could see in my locality is that the percentage of water that runs out waste daily is much more than what we use.

Water and sanitation, practical pioneers - via the internet

October 15th is blog action day and the topic is water.

What could I say about water?  I live in the UK. I have normal hot and cold running water. I haven't even got a power shower, dishwasher or fancy garden water feature - just simple household running water - nothing remarkable - just ordinary water - drinking water. What is there to say?

Ordinary? Drinking water? Running water? Drinking water running to my house? That's ordinary? The running drinking water that I have... that is normal?

What are you going to write about WATER IN AFRICA for Blog Action Day?

Happy Blog Action Day everyone! The topic this year is WATER. Kabissa members are invited to blog about water in AFRICA. You can send in your posts via email to [email protected] or post online to (if you get a notification back you need to join the group).

Below are some great tips from the Blog Action Day team on what to write about on this important day for bringing the world together around the crucial issue of water. 


World Water Day

Yesterday was world water day and all well wishers across the globe did their best with several occasions to grace the day. I will want to tackle it from my country (Ghana) for now but I will be referring to all countries at the later part of this message.

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