Fundraising Workshop in Kampala, Uganda April 16th

GlobalGiving is hosting an in-person, online fundraising workshop in Kampala, Uganda on April 16th and we want you to attend!


As our permanent office is in Washington, DC, we are only able to offer these events once every two years so be sure you don't miss it!


GlobalGiving is an online marketplace for organizations all around the world to share their stories and connect with donors and companies globally. We work to help organizations thrive by providing training, consultations, structured campaigns, and online tools for their fundraising. Since 2002, GlobalGiving has helped hundreds of organizations raise more than $160 millionLearn more about the GlobalGiving and the benefits of being a partner.


Join us for an in-person event where we will discuss: 

  • Discover Online Fundraising and how YOU can be apart of the movement;
  • Develop your identity and maximize your network;
  • Explore how GlobalGiving can boost your fundraising success!

Yoga and Meditation in Uganda

Isha Foundation is an international public-service organization that conducts yoga programs and inspiring projects for the society and environment. Its activities are designed to create an inclusive culture that is the basis for global harmony and progress. Primarily based in India, the United States and Europe, the foundation has been working in Uganda in a small way since 2011.

EACO Promoting Bee Keeping in Uganda, you can Join the Team!

EACO has empowered rural vulnerable people with knowledge and skills in beekeeping, as a way of addressing rural poverty and general health issues and to provide them with a set of basic tools and support to help them get off the poverty trap.

We are so happy for this project, you can also join us for phase 2 where we want to purchase the items that will be used while harvesting. Volunteers can also join to train, students can join the team.

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Anyone can help!

Farm work

Are you interested in working with animals, bees? By special arrangement you might be able to join our farm team. We have a dedicated Monday to Friday group who support the farmer and new opportunities occasionally arise.


Do you have green fingers and like to work outside in a beautiful setting? Or maybe you’re just keen to join in and learn. We currently have a gardening club. Tasks include weeding, planting and maintaining the market garden, and so on.


Are you interested in joining our bee team? An enthusiasm for bees and honey production and a regular commitment is all you need. The bee team do valuable work for the bees as well as for us… Learn how to maintain the hives on the farm – we give full training.

eLearning Africa: Make your voice heard, send us your Paper

Dear elearning enthusiasts,

Only few days left before the eLearning Africa 2014 Call for Proposals closes! 

This more than ever is the right time to review the eLearning Africa 2014 theme ( and submit your proposal (

We hope to see you in Uganda!

The eLearning Africa Team 

eLearning Africa 2014 Call for Proposals: make your voice heard

eLearning Africa 2014

How do you support ICT development in Africa?

Tell us your exciting story when you submit your proposal and get the opportunity to share your views next year in Kampala with 1,500 education practitioners.


Know more about the eLearning Africa 2014 themes and the Call for Proposals at

LIVE AGAIN ONLINE: Help spread the message of our work

Greetings to our partners and supporters,

Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation (LUYODEFO) trusts that June has been a great month, and that the half-year brought lots of new activities as well.

We write to you with exciting news, our new website is up and running at a new location – URL, you can now find it at: Please, we request you to update your database system to link to our new URL at the link above.

We are proud of our new site! We are happy to say that the website designed and hosted by our friends Matt Shane and Kelli Shane at MSK Digital Media is clear, and its solid professional features that make it an incredibly useful resource for all—veteran supporters and newcomers alike. Best of all, it connects us with you and helps you to spread the message of the work we do together! We encourage you to explore it and tell others to do the same. We hope that our website answers most of the questions anyone may ask!

You know that empowering Uganda’s youth is the surest way for them to lead healthy lives, obtain quality educations and build strong communities. This new website is the next step in that effort and we hope that it inspires you to continue or deepen your support and to share and recommend our cause to others.

Opportunity from Global Integrity - Call for Experts: Web Index 2013

For details of countries involved (many in Africa) and to apply to join the research team, see

Global Integrity is embarking on a partnership with the World Wide Web Foundation to prepare the 2013 Web Index.  The Web Index is the first multi-dimensional measure of the Web’s use, utility and impact. In 2012, the Web Index covered 61 developed and developing countries, incorporating indicators that assess the political, economic and social impact of the Web; in 2013 coverage will be increased to roughly 80 countries.  The Web Index is a tool that helps advocates and policy analysts draw upon actionable measures to identify impediments and track improvements in Web access and affordability.  The Web Index also helps inform decision-makers and regulators as to what changes can be made to Web governance in country to help achieve greater and more sustainable development outcomes.

This effort will require a global team of reporters and reviewers around the world to conduct original research and data gathering that will feed into the final 2013 Web Index. 

Quality Affordable Volunteering in Uganda

“To volunteer here is a life changing experience which you will never forget, to Volunteer with an organization Called BoHU ( Beacon of Hope Uganda) Is certainly not only going to put something into a desperately poor community, but also give you an adventure of a lifetime.”- Chris (former volunteer) from- Denmark

Are you looking to do something more meaningful on your travels? Beacon of Hope Uganda recruits volunteers for locally-run community, conservation, teaching, building and sports projects around Uganda. Volunteers are an integral part of everything that happens at Beacon of Hope Uganda. We couldn’t do it without them. There are many ways to volunteer your time, as well as your skills, to help out. Depending on the season, we always have a list of much needed services of volunteers within our projects around Uganda.

Sustainable Volunteer Work in Mukono District, Uganda

Are you looking to do something more meaningful on your travels?

Beacon of Hope Uganda (BoHU) recruits volunteers for locally-run community, conservation, teaching, health, building and sports projects around Uganda. Volunteers are an integral part of everything that happens at BoHU. We couldn’t do it without them. There are many ways to volunteer your time, as well as your skills, to help out. Depending on the season, we always have a list of much needed services of volunteers within our projects around Uganda.

Africa Roundtable at OfficeXpats on 6 July, 2012

Summer has come to Bainbridge Island which brings us to the next roundtable event at OfficeXpats on 6 July. As usual Kabissa is bringing people together for networking and to learn from featured speakers about their projects in Africa. As you will see below, we have a great lineup of speakers. Whether you are able to come in person or want to join us remotely via Skype, you are very much invited! Click here to register.

Dave Danielson: I am a local lawyer and Bainbridge Island resident who in recent years has taken an interest in helping third world countries coming out of huge conflicts. I have been invited to come and speak at the roundtable about my recent experience in Uganda, where I worked on a study of Uganda's IDP (Internally Displaced Person) policy to determine what went right/wrong, and what lessons are available for other countries around the world with significant IDP populations. It is estimated that there are about 11 million IDPs in the world, many in countries without policies on how to deal with them. As time permits, I also would be glad to discuss transitional justice (e.g. amnesty and truth and reconciliation commissions) and traditional justice.

Larry Casazza: I am a Board certified pediatrician and public health specialist working in malaria and childhood survival programs for several decades. I have dedicated my career, spanning thirty years, to implementing community-based activities aimed at improving the health and welfare of women and children with an emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa. Currently I am the Director of ACAM, African Communities Against Malaria. In my talk I will discuss the need to close the gap in global health programming to ensure engaging the beneficiary communities for truly sustainable interventions. 

Hope you can make it! A note about the Africa Roundtable and social media - to maximize the benefit of the roundtables, we use Kabissa, Facebook and Twitter before, during and after the events. For this to work we need your help in spreading the word and sharing Africa Roundtable content to people and organizations that you think will benefit from it. Thanks!  

  • Kabissa: We will post updates to the Africa Roundtable page and Mailing List, and write about the events on the community blog. If you are new to Kabissa, see for a checklist of ways to jump start your (free) membership.
  • Facebook: Like the Kabissa and Africa Roundtable pages on Facebook, add them to your organization's page and share them with your Facebook contacts. Like/comment on posts about your roundtable to help spread the word. 
  • Twitter: Follow Kabissa and AfricaRoundtabl on Twitter. The twitter hashtag to follow along during the event and review it afterwards is #africaroundtable

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