By the People: The Rise of Citizen Journalism

The Center for Media Assistance (CIMA) published a new report that examines the challenges and opportunities facing "citizen journalism" around the world. Free download link below. If you have comments or questions, please ask by reply email!

What is CIMA?

According to the website, CIMA is an initiative of the National Endowment for Democracy that:

Impact ledger: Monitoring your presence in the press

As organisations grow, so does their presence in the community, national and even international media.  This can be an effective tool for measuring impact, and also great to document what has been said about your organisation. It also helps give clues about what angles get picked up by readers, what are "hot topics" and where your information is being read.  

But what are the best ways to do this?  At APC, we've developed a fairly simplistic tool that allows us to track where our name has come up through Google alerts.  We create the alerts using key words and phrases such as "Take Back the Tech!" and "Association for Progressive Communications", and later insert information on the newspost into this spreadsheet. We include relevant information such as the Source, author name, type of publication and Country (or online in many cases), the type of publication (is it a specialist publication? Is it a national newspaper? Is it an NGO network source?) and include a link to the article.

What to do once you've tracked your presence

It's important to do yearly reports, if not bi-annual and quarterly media reports.  This is especially true for larger organisations  that receive a fair amount of coverage however, this tool can get large, awkward and time-consuming to manage.  The reporting allows us to evaluate where we have the most impact as an organisation, and what issues are getting picked up by readers, as well as the type of reader you are reaching out to.  Once the entries can be categorised and visualised into graphs and charts, it gives a much better picture of your media outreach and can help pave a way forward for your communications and outreach strategy.

What sort of monitoring do you do? Are there any ways to make this process more efficient?

The Role of the Media in Shaping the Future of a Transparent Economy

Amsterdam GRI ConferenceUPDATE May 28: Panel is today! Thanks everyone who sent in feedback. I have added bullet points of my 3 min presentation of myself below. Look forward to the discussion! 

UPDATE May 24: I added talking points below. Please add your examples and ideas!

Next week I am joining some interesting people from The Guardian newspaper, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and others (see below for description and speakers) on a panel discussion at the Amsterdam GRI Conference.

It is a future oriented panel that looks promising - we will be discussing the role of the media in sustainable development and how media organizations are "grappling with measuring and reporting on their own unique media content related sustainability impacts." This is an area new to me so I am coming ready to learn. I will try to slip in some of my own insights (see talking points below) about social media in sustainable development. Let me know if you have any burning issues you'd like me to raise or suggestions. 

Mogadishu is under fighting and violence, Three Somali journalists wounded at press conference place in Mogadishu

Mogadishu is under fighting and violence, Three Somali journalists wounded at press conference place in Mogadishu as fighting intensifies for the fourth day between pro Somali government forces and Islamic insurgence groups.

The Somali Journalist Rights Agency (SOJRA) is to day denounce the injured of three

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