As a new chapter opens in the Kabissa story, it is important to set up clear communications channels so that you, as a Kabissa stakeholder, can engage, support and participate in the network on your own terms. I have set up a new "Progress Updates" mailing list, devoted specifically to providing regular updates to stakeholders interested in supporting and guiding the volunteer organization that stewards the Kabissa network. 

Mailing Lists

Progress Updates replaces the periodic Kabissa Community Newsletter which we used to send out to our contributors. Two other mailing lists you may have depended on in the past are crucial and I would like to start publishing them again as soon as possible. These are the Kabissa Gong Gong monthly member newsletter highlighting current activity in the Kabissa network and Special Mailings with opportunities and news targeting Kabissa members in specific geographic locales or thematic areas of interest. Click here to subscribe to Kabissa mailing lists.

Kabissa Groups

Kabissa Groups are another area where big changes are coming. I have turned off the current notifications system which enabled site users to subscribe to receive updates when new content and comments are posted to Kabissa Groups. The system was not working reliably, and I am experimenting with a new system that I have been working on which will provide full email integration functionality to Kabissa Groups. Each group will get its own email address for posting new content and comments via email, and effectively work the same as Google Groups or Yahoo Groups. 

RSS Feeds, Twitter and Facebook

To be informed of new posts as they arrive, you can subscribe to Kabissa Group RSS Feeds or follow @kabissa on Twitter. If you use Facebook, please join the Kabissa Facebook Page

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Want to volunteer your time and expertise? Please don't hesitate to email me

In solidarity, 

Tobias Eigen, Founder
Kabissa - Space for Change in Africa

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