Now that Kabissa has begun receiving financial support from  stakeholders, it is important for us to begin providing regular updates so that you can understand how your contributions are being put to work to nurture and grow the Kabissa network. This is a crucial moment in the transition of Kabissa from larger project-oriented consulting organization to smaller volunteer organization providing a networking platform on an ongoing, low-cost basis.

We have no employees and depend entirely on volunteering and donations from our stakeholders to cover our costs. Please see About Kabissa to update yourself on how Kabissa now operates and our Donation Page for the range of fundraising options we have already assembled, including Paypal, Social Networking platforms like Global Giving, and Workplace Giving like the Combined Federal Campaign and World Bank Community Connections Fund. 

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or ideas for raising funds or if you can see a role for yourself and are able to regularly commit time to Kabissa.

In gratitude and solidarity,

Tobias Eigen, Executive Director

Global Giving Open Challenge raised $6365, including $1280 in pledges

Kabissa on Global Giving Thanks to generous contributions from the Kabissa community, we met (and exceeded!) our Open Challenge goals. You have enabled us to secure a permanent place on the Global Giving platform for Kabissa. As of today, we have received $5,085 from 85 donors through Global Giving since the Open Challenge started on July 15. A number of people were unable to donate in the short timeframe of the campaign and together pledged $1280.

If you intended to donate in August and were unable, we still urgently need your help! Our total annual budget for covering the core costs of running the Kabissa network is $20,000. To secure this, we have undertaken to raise $5,000 every month until December - which is quite achievable, but only with your involvement.

Please help Kabissa to meet the September goal. Go to and make your donation - and thanks!

Once you have donated, tell a friend about Kabissa directly and ask them to donate. Then spread the word about Kabissa by joining Kabissa on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Please contact Tobias Eigen if you have any feedback or questions about fundraising.

Site Upgrade

WebAccess Open Source Image

Thanks to the donations received through Global Giving, we are able to start work this week with the Web Access Open Source team to upgrade our website to the latest version of the CiviCRM platform. This much needed upgrade will fix bugs and bring improvements to the way community members can add and maintain their organization profiles on Kabissa. It also will provide new features in the latest CiviCRM version such as a completely overhauled user interface for administering the database and new tools for managing membership, donations, mailings, reporting and more. The estimated cost of this upgrade is $4,450.

In addition, this upgrade lays the groundwork for projects we would like to carry out in partnership with other organizations to leverage the benefits of the Kabissa platform, for example by adding "traditional" listserv mailing lists to groups, social networking features tailored for African civil society, and support for other languages besides English.

Please contact Tobias Eigen if you are interested in getting involved, and create an account for yourself on the Kabissa Roadmap Issue Tracker.

Introducing Ghislain Siewe, Kabissa Membership Manager

If you have not yet had the pleasure of encountering him on Kabissa, I want to make sure you know Ghislain Siewe. Since June he has been generously and reliably volunteering 10 hours of his precious time a week to handle new membership applications, correspondence, and database management tasks.

In addition, Ghislain is exploring opportunities for organizing Kabissa members in the Washington DC area through a new Kabissa Connect DC online group and regular meetups.

To contact Ghislain, send an email to [email protected]

Resuming Domain Registration for African NGOs

Domain NamesWith the help of Georgene Scott, our new book keeper on Bainbridge Island as of March, we have now restarted invoicing Kabissa members currently entrusting their domain registration to Kabissa. In the new year we will start offering new domain registrations once we have our systems in place. This is an important step in our evolution since, as Kabissa old-timers will remember, we strongly believe that organizations should keep their domain registration separate from their domain hosting - and that Kabissa is a natural fit for this given our role as independent, not-for-profit partner to African organizations.

While registering your domain at Kabissa makes for more complicated accounting, since you now have two vendors to deal with instead of a one-stop-shop providing you with hosting, registration and perhaps even web design and maintenance, having your domain registered separately puts you in control over your address on the Internet. At your own will and at your own convenience, you can add more services (for example Google Mail on your own domain) or switch to a new web host if you get into difficultiies with your current host.  As a not-for-profit partner we also promise to do our best not to let your domain expire when the renewal date comes up.

Click here to learn more about how Kabissa Domain Registration works, and feel free to contact Tobias Eigen with questions, feedback or if you'd like to volunteer to help with this important service.

Participation in the Kabissa Online Community

As of this writing, Kabissa has 1542 organizations in the database, 3364 active user accounts, 513 Facebook Friends, and 2313 Twitter Followers.

Latest additions to the organization database

You can add your organizations at

Latest from the Kabissa Connect Community Blog

You can read more posts and add your own at

Latest from the Kabissa ICT Peer Learning Blog

You can read more posts and add your own at

2009 Audit Begins With New CPA Near Bainbridge Island

Kabissa is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and we are proud to have been independently audited continuously since 2004 when we started the Pan African Localization project with funding from IDRC. We have come a long way since then! Now that we are a volunteer organization with a much smaller budget, we ordinarily would not undergo a costly independent audit. However, we have decided to press on since audits are required by Aid for Africa, World Bank Community Connections Fund and the Combined Federal Campaign - all important sources of revenue for Kabissa.

After a lengthy search, we are pleased to have engaged Ball & Treger, LLP, a Certified Public Accounting firm near Bainbridge Island (near Seattle), where our organization is headquartered since 2008. Ball & Treger will complete the audit and 990 for 2009 by November 15th. The estimated cost of the audit and 990 is $6,000.

In case you are curious, you can download our most recent IRS Form 990 and Audited Financial Statements from 2008.

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