Update: Voting has now closed! Asante sana! Thank you! to everyone who voted for Kabissa. We were honored by the outpouring of support on Netsquared. Please be sure to keep in touch with Kabissa so you can be a part of our effort to continue to grow and support people and organizations seeking to connect for Africa.  

Between October 11-15, community voting is open on Netsquared.org for projects participating in the FACT Social Justice Challenge. Kabissa has thrown its hat into the ring with a powerful idea to build the Kabissa platform and we have a very good chance at success - but we need your help!

1) Here's what you need to do

  1. Vote for between 3-5 projects on Netsquared.org including Kabissa Connections (see the 5 African projects Kabissa recommends you vote for below)
  2. Add Kabissa to your favorites on Netsquared and add a comment to show your support
  3. Forward the link to the Kabissa project through Facebook and your social networks

If this is how your ballot looks, you're done! Thank you for voting for Kabissa! We recommend that you first go to http://www.netsquared.org and log in, then return here and click on each of these five links to record your vote. If it looks like the screenshot on the right then you're done! 

Thank you very much! Asante sana! 

Kabissa Connections

Agricultural Marketing Information Services - Cameroon

Violent Water Conflicts In Kenya’s Ewaso Ngiro River Basin: Fighting Back With Fair Water Sharing, Metering, Water Conservation And A Win-Win Electronic Peace Building Formula

Focal Point Global

Using mobile technologies to reduce maternal death

2) Why it's important for you to vote

If we are among the 5 winners, we will receive a cash award of $5,000 and recognition on the NetSquared and FACT web sites. In addition to direct financial support through the FACT Social Justice Award, FACT is generously supporting fund development assistance for all FACT Featured Projects. This assistance will connect us with fundraising experts and guidance to help us move towards increased investments and greater community impact.

3) How will our project benefit Kabissa members in Africa?

In a nutshell, Kabissa Connections will address trust concerns by providing a platform revealing the connections that organizations have with networks, international organizations, supporters and service providers. We will do this for organizations working in Africa while collaborating with others on open source tools, standards and approaches that can be replicated in other regions.

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