Hello members of the Kabissa ICT peer learning group,

If you have been following Kabissa developments you will know that we have
upgraded the site - see http://www.Kabissa.org. We hope you like it!

With the upgrade, groups operate more like email discussion groups now -
like yahoo groups or a listserv. They are private, members only, so you can
speak freely without worrying about your messages appearing in Google
searches. If you do want to publish something you can also post it to the

So how should we use this group? Please reply to introduce yourself, share
your ideas for group rules and allowed topics, and tell us what you are
working on! I can't wait to reconnect with many of you!

If you want to unsubscribe, please email me directly to let me know or log
into the group subscription management link at the bottom of every group

Warm regards,


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