Mbozi, Ileje and Isangati Consortium (MIICO)

Mission Statement

MIICO is committed towards poverty alleviation in rural areas

Description of Activities

Mbozi, Ileje and Isangati Consortium (MIICO) is a registered non-governmental and non-profit making Organization. It is formed by three non-governmental organizations that are Actions for Development Programs in Mbozi (ADP-Mbozi), Ileje Rural Development Organization (IRDO) and Isangati Agricultural Development Organization (IADO). The three organizations forming the Consortium, started as Agricultural Development Projects, way back in 1980s.They were Institutionalized to NGOs in 1995, 2000 and 2001 respectively. Because of closer relationship existed among them they decided to form the consortium in 2002. Generally the organization is committed to make sure that people in rural areas live a harmonous life and improve their livehood. We are currently implementing programs related to Market Access, Gender Development, HIV/AIDS, Human rights and Good governance.Basically, all programs are based on the sense of Empoering the community to spearheard their own development.

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Tanzania, United Republic of
John B. Mwakangale Agricultural Show Ground
Phone +255-25-251-0352
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