Arusha Women Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre

Mission Statement

AWLAHURIC is a Human Rights Organization striving for promotion and protecting rights for women and children by bringing gender equality in Tanzania through legal aid and networking with other organizations whose activities are related to AWLAHURIC Objectives.

Description of Activities

AWLAHURIC is a private, voluntary, non-government, non-partisan and non-profit making organization. It was initiated in 1992 and got registered in 1998. Before its registration AWLAHURIC was affiliated to a Women's Legal Aid Centre (WLAC) based in Dar es salaam as a Paralegal Unit. AWLAHURIC Objectives:- -To carry on the activities of the Legal Clinic. To give legal Advice and counseling services. - To provide legal aid to women and children in both rural and urban areas. - To establish a sense of awareness among women in general to know their right as regards to marriage, land law, children rights, etc. - To conduct seminars, workshops,and conference to under-take study tours and exchange visits especially between Tanzania and other countries. - To encourage and support poor women in establishing self-help groups. - To build a joint network with other NGO's and government sector which have activities related to AWLAHURIC within and outside Tanzania. -To lobby for change of discriminatory policies, laws and advocate for equitable change in gender relations in Tanzania and sensitize the general public on Women, children and Human rights. -To liaise with the print media on issues related to women and rights for purpose of creating gender and legal education. - To research on Policies and laws affecting women and children with the aim of using the findings as a basis for lobbying and advocating for changes.

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Makongoro Road
Tanzania, United Republic of
CCM Regional Building, Makongoro Road, 3rd Floor, Room No. 15, Arusha Tanzania
Phone 255 27 744 580756
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