Mission Statement

Our Mission To promote a caring and compassionate therapeutic and rehabilitative environment for victims of communicable diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, refugees and victor armed conflict through provision of competent heath care, shelter, food and other sanitary facilities. To promote self-help opportunities through vocational taming of African youths To provide funds and technical assistance in irrigation projects to communities experiencing drought an famine. Because we believe education is a key factor in promoting development and prosperity. We provide scholarship to children, youth and adults in local and regional communities within Africa . To promote small-scale entrepreneurship through provision of grant and funds for small-scale business projects To promote public awareness of communicable diseases and STD such as AIDS/HIV etc though public enlightenment seminars counselling and conferences in local and regional communities. To promote population control and family planning through counselling and education on family planning and birth control methods. YOU CAN REACH US ON TEL NO: 00225. FAx. E-mail: ABIDJAN -COTE D’IVOIRE

Description of Activities

Our vision To promote the central idea in Human development.

For further information please contact

Côte d'Ivoire
11 Plateaux Cocody Abidjan. Rue De Jardin
Phone 00225.

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