Youth for Development and Productivity (YODEP)

Mission Statement

YODEP is committed to motivate the young people to take the leading role using their skills and knowledge in developing their communities so as to make the world a better place to live.

Description of Activities

What we do: Youth for Development and Productivity (YODEP) is a non-profit making community based youth organization. It was established in the year 1998 by the youth themselves to help address aggressive socio-economic worsening condition encountered by orphaned children, youth, aged people and people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The categories mentioned herein are usually confronted by social, economic, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, Human rights and poverty worsening conditions that lead them to stigmatization hence reducing their effective participation in the implementation of community activities and living the lives they desire. To reverse the situation, Youth for Development and Productivity (YODEP) is helping to coordinate and promote community development initiatives in the field of HIV/AIDS, youth development, vulnerable children’s education deriving from the local community, nutrition support, human rights, democracy and good governance, Information education and communication. YODEP foster network and collaboration with individuals and organizations with similar aims and objectives.

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P.O. Box 516
Mobile +265 - 888 - 334 - 420

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