Sindicato Nacional dos Trabalhadores da Industria de Construcao Civil, Madeira e Minas de Mocambique

Mission Statement

The national union of civil construction workers, woodworkers, and miners of Mozambique (or SINTICIM, for short) is an association created for workers affiliated with commitees Syndical of the pertaining companies pertaining to construction, wood, and mining sectors in Mozambique. SINTICIM was created on 19 February 1987, when it also had it's first national constituent assembly.

Description of Activities

CNCS - SINTICIM is currently involved in an initiative with the CNCS to combat HIV-AIDS. One major victory so far was the National Advisory to Combat AIDS (passed into law May, 2002). There is now an AIDS education component in all worker training, as well as teacher training for AIDS education. CUSO - Sexual Harassment, HIV/AIDS and Discrimination - A campaign against women's sexual harassment at work and preventing HIV/AIDS has been launched to alert workers to negative social, economic, psychological, and health impacts. This project will reach more than 20 000 workers from all areas of Mozambique. The first two phases of the campaign will concentrate on training and advocacy strategies, while the third phase consists of a mass-communication campaign. Given the sensitivity of the issue, theatre and painting will be used as mediums of communication to workers, the majority of whom are illiterate. The fourth and final phase will present the results of the previous phases to the union movement, employers and social actors, and promote internal policies against sexual harassment at work and non-discrimination towards workers with HIV/AIDS. Most importantly, activists in the field will be promoting respectful and secure sexual behaviour, as well as acceptance and support of workers living with HIV. CUSO is also involved with the technical assistance, IT training, and education of union members.

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