Matonyok Nomads Development Organization

Mission Statement

Matonyok Nomads Development Organization (MANDO) - is an autonomous, not-for-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), established in Kenya at the grass roots level for the purpose of enhancing justifiable developments while addressing the importance issues on economic, social and cultural development in Maasai pastoralists’ communities’ areas. Originating in the southern Rift Valley in Kenya, between the Ngong Hills and Lake Magadi, MANDO also includes founding members from the Narok and Trans Mara communities.


MANDO envisions Maasai Pastoralist societies that are literate, with secured livelihoods and sustainable development.

Mission Statement Mando’s mission in keeping its vision is to enable the Maasai pastoralist’s communities to eradicate illiteracy and poverty by overcoming the injustice and inequity that causes them for improved livelihoods.

Description of Activities

Programmes 1. Education The main purpose of this project is to encourage education in Maasai land and make community members, especially women, gain formal education and also by Address gender disparity in education, Support OVCs, Support learning institutions, e g. School management committees and Supplement physical facilities in schools.

2. Gender Parity This project is intended to promote and reduce vulnerability of women related problems whilst addressing their gender disparities by; Empower partner communities through trainings, support women through microfinance activities aims at support Income Generating Activities (IGAs for widows and other women groups and Advocate for gender equity in various communities locally and internationally.

3. Drought management and Intervention programme Through this project, MANDO aims to improve the level of poverty by promotion of sustainable livelihood. This will be achieved by Incorporate disaster preparedness plan in food security, Promote/support sustainable agriculture and livestock production management , Put in place monitoring mechanism, Priorities improvement /upgrading of existing water facilities and Address a forestation and reforestation to build up and conserve water reserves

4. Health This project intends to improve access to affordable, quality health facilities and services to the pastoralist societies by; promoting curative, preventive & primary health services whilst Support preventive health education, Support existing health facilities, Support the communities based health committee and Train traditional Birth Attendance. Also Mainstreaming HIV / AIDS awareness in all other programme by sensitizing and creating awareness on partners on mainstreaming issues related to HIV/AIDS.

5. Water and Livestock Restocking Programmes This project promote reduction of vulnerability of droughts amongst the severly affected pastoralist communities through livestock restocking, improve access to water to schools, households and training farmers on livestock’s breeds and management of prevention of livestock related diseases.

6. Environmental intervention This project is intended to promote, conserve and protection of wildlife within the MANDO community’s areas.

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