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We are a grassroots social movement dedicated to inspiring Kenyans at every level to take charge of improving their own lives by promoting Heshima (dignity and respect for others), Diversity (inclusiveness and equality) and Self-Belief: Ni Sisi! – It is Us! And, Inuka believes It is Up to Us to transform Kenya into a country of which we can all be proud. Kenyan problems must be met with Kenyan solutions.


Inuka has spent the last year and a half traveling around Kenya learning from wananchi about the state of the Nation. A bubble of false normalcy conceals a frayed national fabric the seriousness of which is often easy and comfortable to underestimate. In truth, every region of Kenya and every individual, carries a burden of injustice perpetrated on them individually or collectively. But, we have found compelling commonalities too: Women have borne the bulk of the burden of holding together communities after the post-2007/8 violence; Kenyans doubt their Government - especially its capacity to provide security to all its citizens regardless of ethnicity. Kenyans' perceptions of economic inequality have been ethnicised and politicised. Among the youth -- who comprise the vast majority of the Nation's population – many are consumed by a sense of alienation and feelings of hopelessness -- though, ironically, the post-election violence, was a moment of empowerment for them. There is a national sense of foreboding and uncertainty about the future. Kenyans must rise up together to take charge of our destiny for it is we who collectively must create the space into which new leadership -- which embraces respect and inclusiveness for all -- can emerge and flourish.


Inuka works with individuals and groups already taking action to improve their lives:

  • We promote our core values of Heshima, Diversity and Ni Sisi!
  • We turn despair into hope – especially for youth and others who feel that they have been left behind.
  • We are creating a public space that will allow for a new, accountable and patriotic leadership to emerge.


we do it:

  • We give Kenyans access to information (which empowers) and freedom to express (which affirms and dignifies) their views through radio, television, live performances, our website and our SMS platform.
  • We send our “visionaries” around the country to live in communities, to learn about what is happening and to volunteer with others who embrace Ni Sisi!
  • Our visionaries facilitate local projects that pair up local businesses with others in their communities who need help in starting businesses or improving their livelihoods.
  • Inuka connects committed and like-minded communities, individuals and organisations with each other so they can help one another with their respective initiatives and good works.


We work all around the country, but focus on areas that suffered significantly during the post-election violence as well as communities that seem to be at risk for future hostility.


Kenyans must unite to bring about change to prevent future hostilities and seize the opportunity to realise Kenya’s potential.




  • Ni Sisi! Social Movement: Ni Sisi! is a nation-wide social movement uniting Kenyans to forge a collective identity to drive transformation in leadership and maisha.  In order to drive this transformation, the social movement connects individuals, NGOs, grassroots organizations, and the private sector in order to promote the sharing of resources, expertise, and information. 


  • Mathare Community Resource Center:   Through its Social Movement, Ni Sisi!, Inuka has partnered with the Mathare Community Resource Center to support its programming by connecting the Mathare CRC to other programs within the Ni Sisi! movement.


  • Lamu Port Project:  Inuka Kenya Trust has been assisting the organizing efforts of Lamu community members who wish to have a greater say in the development of the newly proposed Lamu port.  Inuka has helped coordinate the drafting of a Community Biodiversity Protocol, to examine the environmental and social impact of the port project. 


  • Kenya Ni Yetu Campaign:  Through the Ni Sisi! Social Movement, Inuka helped launch the Kenya Ni Yetu Campaign, which calls upon all other Kenyans to take responsibility for the new Constitution, resist all attempts at undermining the new Constitution, and speak up and organise against the impunity, injustice and corruption that is perpetrated in Counties and localities across this great land. The time has come to say, “Enough is enough!” and to take Kenya back.  So we say: Kenya Yetu• Katiba Yetu • Maisha Yetu – Kenya belongs to all of us!

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