Mission Statement

The mission of the organization is to serve the interest of the poor and the vulnerable from all walks of life in partnerships with development minded forces. While constantly seeking innovative approaches to respond to the dynamics of human development, we aspire to maximize potentials to enhance the African image.

Description of Activities

The organization is involved in facilitating lasting change by striving continuously in the pursuit of the following objectives: 1. Building capacity for self-help. 2. Supporting Rural Enterprises and Small Scale Businesses. 3. Promoting universal access to education 4. Promoting effective leadership at all levels. 5. Protecting human rights. 6. Promoting health through education and concoius march towards elimination of marternal mortality.

For further information please contact

Human Development for Afrika, P. O. Box M.2271, Kumasi, Ghana
Mobile +233 208 771 453
Phone 0233 236 555 819

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