Mission Statement

Lack of information and political will, bad living conditions and the unemployability of most of the youth, has caused a massive emigration of young Cameroonians – most of whom have no intention of ever returning to their fatherland. It is in this environment that we, as stewards in this present age and leaders of tomorrow, must face the challenge of identifying, developing, training, releasing and reproducing a generation of young leaders who would secure the future for themselves, their children, and the children of the nation. CYPUPP is an acronym for Cameroon Youth for Peace, Unity, Patriotism and Progress. It is a non-profit making, nonpartisan and non-governmental, independent youth organisation with the ultimate aim of unleashing the intelligence and positive energy of both privileged and underprivileged young Cameroonians in order to develop a new generation of leaders who value peace, unity and patriotism, and use these factors to foster national development in a holistic sense. The intelligence and positive energy of young people need to be liberated and enlisted in solving the problems facing our society. Young people in Cameroon want to build their lives and neighbourhood, and will do so if given the opportunity. The desire to serve, to do meaningful work that is of value to other people, is universal. Community–based organisations need the resources to solve local problems and to mobilize local people, including neighbourhood youth. Peace, unity and patriotism are vital elements necessary to build a positively – transformed society, and leadership development is a central element of effective community, and by extension, nation development and youth service. The Cameroon Youth believes that: Peace goes with Responsibility Unity goes with Integrity Patriotism goes with Savoir –faire Progress goes with Enrichment And so, with CYPUPP we shall RISE (our motto)

Description of Activities

CYPUPP has two principal departments namely: CYPUPP National Individual Development Account Program (CNIDAP) CYPUPP Alternative School for Rapid Transformation (CASRT) CYPUPP National Individual Development Account Program (CNIDAP)engages unemployed young people, most of who have not completed secondary school, and all of who come from very low-income families. CYPUPP enables them carry out income –generating projects in their communities, and assists them in transforming their own lives and roles in society. Participants spend 12 to 36 months in the department, dividing their time between the project site(s) and CASRT. Each CYPUPP program raises private and public funds to support itself. Through CNIDAP, these and other members of the organisation will be provided with funds, financial education, and mentorship to help them advance their careers, build their first home, build their credit, and become peace-loving and patriotic community leaders. At the CYPUPP Alternative School for Rapid Transformation (CASRT)participants prepare for the GCE Ordinary and/or Advance Level. The curriculum integrates academics with life skills. CASRT provides a unique, personal, and invigorating learning environment by taking a holistic approach to youth transformation. It also holds annual transformation training workshops on eight key topics viz: Peace Building, Patriotic Citizenry, Youth Leadership, Youth Development, Education and Learning, Meaningful Worklife, Healthy Living and Diversity.

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