Community Analytics (CA)

Mission Statement

Community Analytics (CA) addresses the problem of meaningful metrics for socio-economic performance and progress in a smart society. CA is based on the simple premise that "what gets measured, gets done"! CA has been developed using concepts that are derived from corporate accounting and management information, but go beyond money costs, revenues and profits to include also value consumption, value creation and value change. CA is also different from normal financial analysis and reporting because of its community perspective rather than the perspective of the organization. 

Description of Activities

CA metrics are to the community and economic actors in the society as scorekeeping is to a game of baseball, soccer, etc.

There has been substantial development effort over several years to define the CA framework and how the data acquisition and analysis would work.

There is a development of an infrastructure so that the CA framework will function as easily as possible.

There is the development of networks to make use of the CA data. These networks reflect many different stakeholders in the performance and progress of society including community leaders and advocates, and a range of organizations, public and private, NGOs and for profit. 

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