Actwid Kongadzem

Mission Statement

The Association for Creative Teaching for Rural Women and Youth in Development, abbreviated as "Actwid Kongadzem", is made up of rural women and youth who are ready to develop themselves and their families and communities by improving their health status, providing better nutrition for themselves and their families, and alleviating poverty through sales of a variety of traditional crafts, together with their food crops, including artemisia, which has both nutritional and medicinal value.

A full 99% of rural women live below the poverty line in our village communities. Coming from polygamous homes in these local communities, we the women of Actwid Kongadzem created this NGO on September 1st 1989, as a task force to join hands together as one voice to address the urgent problems we face here as farmers, caregivers, and breadwinners for our families and communities.

Description of Activities

Most of us are farmers, and many are affected in one way or another by HIV/AIDS and other health issues. We therefore address agriculture, nutrition, women's issues, and health. We have support groups for members, work on awareness projects, and try to develop income-generation activities. Our primary focus in this regard is the growing and sale of artemisia--an herb that can be used for nutritional and medicinal purposes--and the sale of traditional handcrafts.

We are in the process of developing an ICTs program, which would allow our members to communicate with one another and with the world, hopefully improve literacy and general education, and help us to market our products.

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PO Box 16
Phone 237-77333500
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