African Union Oasis Kampala

Mission Statement

To mobilise the potentials of the African Race and sensitise the African Population about the African Union values in order to enhance Africa's Unity and Development.

Description of Activities

African Union Oasis Kampala is a registered not for profit organisation that focusses on education and sensitisation of African Masses about the virtues of the African Union. The organisation conducts community sensitisation seminars and dialogues to generate debate among the people in oder to popularise the African Union and increase the peoples understanding of the African Union Concepts. The Oasis also has a think tank of young people who are generating developmental ideas that might propel the African continent to a greater level. The organisation has also started developing a Scholarship scheme in collaboration with Afrians in the Diaspora especially those in USA who directly link up with the African Union Oasis Headquarters that are based in Washington DC. The Scholaship scheme is going to benefit all African school going children so that they can have access to quality education both locally and internationally. In partneship with other AIDS Care, Support and Prevetion organisations the organisation conducts community sensitisation on HIV/AIDS care, support and prevention. The organisation also targets amd mobilises talented African youths for their variuos talents promotion and career development.The organisation also strongly advocates for democratic governance, policy changes and respect and protection of human rights and diginity.

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P.O.Box 29321 Kampala

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