The Bai Kuke Youth Pineapple Project

A communual market-oriented pineapple farm of 10 hectares to be realised in Bai Kuke, a rural community in the South West Province of Cameroon. This project seeks to reinsert some 200 youths into active pineapple production, an activity that is expected to bring revenues to their respective households and get them permanently employed. To this effect BEHUC solicits assistance for farming inputs to help realise this project.

[MobileActive] FrontlineSMS Update

Via the MobileActive mailing list, I received this interesting FrontlineSMS Update from Ken Banks. Well worth exploring for those grassroots organizations seeking to use mobile phones more effectively in their work. I am pleased to see there is now a Ning forum for the project for improved networking amongst people seeking to use the tool. I would love to hear from any Kabissa members using FrontlineSMS so we can share the benefits with the Kabissa community.

Fuel Wood for Life Project on Ground in Mfaminyen

Sustainable use of fuel wood is and essential issue that most people in developing countries are not aware. In Cross River State Nigeria, the Mafaminyen Conservation Society, a community based organization, took up the issue with the aid of the Wild Gift Foundation, on the construction of clay fuel efficient wood stoves with chimney. This has lead to a reduction in the burden of fetching wood in the community, increased interest in forest conservation and soil fertility in the community.

Opportunity for organisations tackling youth employment in West Africa

Dear Kabissa members: The Youth Employment Network (YEN) is an interagency initiative of the United Nations, the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the World Bank which pools experience to address the youth employment challenge.

Youth Employment Network We are currently creating a database of initiatives in West Africa that are tackling youth employment. The database already has 100 projects from Anglophone West Africa and we are now hoping to continue expanding in these countries as well as extend it to include Francophone and Lusophone West Africa.

Multigrade teaching

Dear All,

As an organisation working in the field of education I want to share some ideas on teaching and learning. Since several years I train teachers and trainers all over the world. For the moment I am on a consultancy in Mali where I conduct a pilot project on multigrade teaching.

Multigrade teaching is the way of teaching different grades in one classroom. Mali has a shortage of teahers and classrooms so multigrade is a temporary solution.

Together with my team I am developing teaching and learning materials for multigrade classes like:

African Women Development Cooperative

African Women Development Cooperative is one of the gender development projects of the Centre for Policy and Development.A response to the gender economic divide and the gender based challenges of sustainable wealth creation, AWDC aims to facilitate access to financial services, provide capacity building in financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills as well training in building enterprising businesses and sustainable livelihoods for African women.

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