Le Social Learning, filière d’avenir pour les jeunes africains

Tableaux noirs, stylos et papiers, professeurs jonchés sur leur estrade,  l’ère de l’éducation traditionnelle constitue-t-elle encore la norme ? Ou au contraire, laisse-t-elle la place à un nouveau mode de transmission des savoirs plus interactif ? Pour répondre à cette interrogation, l’équipe d’eLearning Africa s’est attachée à décrypter et cerner la tendance du Social Learning.

The 5th Global Forum on Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship



infoDev and South Africa's Department of Science and Technology present

May 28-30, 2013 | East London, South Africa

Meet with the Global Forum community and benefit from the experience of business leaders, powerful networks, and learning sessions on mobile, climate, and agribusiness innovation, as well as business incubation best practices.

infoDev, a global innovation partnership within the World Bank, and South Africa's Department of Science and Technology cordially invite you to the Global Forum on Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship on May 28-30, 2013, in East London, South Africa. The Forum will facilitate learning, business matchmaking, strategy, and knowledge sharing, with a special focus on the needs of African entrepreneurs and innovators:

Join interactive sessions on mobile innovation, agribusiness, clean technologies, and women's entrepreneurship.

Participate in a business incubation training program just before the Global Forum, an entrepreneurs fair exhibiting SMEs and startups, as well as site visits exploring South Africa's innovation landscape.

Celebrate inspiring entrepreneurs from developing countries at infoDev's Dragons Den pitching competition and meet financiers, business incubator managers, industry leaders, policymakers, members of the media, and donor representatives.

For more information about the Global Forum, key program highlights, registration, and logistics, please visit:


eLearning Africa 2013 - Evénements de préconférence

Participez à l’un des ateliers pré-conférence ou à un séminaire le 29 mai afin d’améliorer vos connaissances pratiques, avoir un aperçu des experts internationaux et nouer des contacts avec d’autres professionnels.

Les ateliers et séminaires comprennent notamment « Pôles de technologies innovantes en Afrique : créer des opportunités pour l'apprentissage via les pairs et l'échange de connaissances » de GIZ qui explorera les meilleures pratiques  en termes de hubs innovants et durables ; « Blogging pratique innovant et collaboration en ligne pour le développement », événement durant lequel les participants apprendront les manières pragmatiques et novatrices de partager des informations en ligne » ainsi que « Conception de l'apprentissage libre : repenser notre enseignement pour les apprenants Africains de demain » où chacun prendra en main les outils et techniques essentiels pour concevoir des cours éducatifs efficaces.

Les places sont strictement limitées. Réservez donc dès aujourd’hui la vôtre afin de vous assurer d’être là. 

eLearning Africa 2013 - Pre-Conference Events

Take part in an optional pre-conference workshop or seminar on 29th May to enhance your practical knowledge, gain insight from leading international experts and network with like-minded professionals. Workshops and seminars include GIZ’s “Technology Innovation Hubs in Africa: Creating Opportunities for Peer Learning and Knowledge Exchange”, which will explore best practice in sustainably creating and expanding innovation hubs; “Practical Innovative Blogging and Online Group Collaboration for Development”, in which participants will learn practical and innovative ways of sharing information online; and “Learning Design in the Open: Rethinking Our Courses for Tomorrow’s African Learners”, where participants will gain key tools and techniques for designing effective and educational courses.

Places are strictly limited, so secure your spot today to ensure you don’t miss out. 

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IClassroom Get Downn January this year the eLearning Africa news service reported on the progress being made towards the impending Millennium Development Goal (MGD) deadline and highlighted the worrying trend of prioritising quantity over quality in efforts to reach the target of universal primary education by 2015. New eLearning technologies offer the tantalising potential to spread high-quality education across the developing world. This could be an answer to the problem, but it is never a simple case of ‘just add ICT’.

By Alicia Mitchell

Examining eHealth in Africa

Whether they are collating data on disease, monitoring health trends, combating misinformation or facilitating cooperation between medical centres, African eHealth initiatives are leading the way towards higher standards of living and health on the Continent. With eLearning Africa 2013 set to subject eHealth to a detailed examination, the news service explored a few initiatives that offer a promising prognosis for Africa’s health sector.

By Matthew Labrooy

Africa’s smartphone revolution

Smartphone use in Africa is on the rise, and major mobile makers and distributors are starting to pay attention to the emerging African market by producing devices that cater to the needs of the developing region. How will increased smartphone use revolutionise the way education takes place in Africa?

By Matthew Labrooy

Storytelling yesterday, today and tomorrow

A poet, singer, historian, musician, comedian, an entertainer, an archive. The griot is all these things and more. Through storytelling and music, the griot has shared and maintained the identities and histories of communities in West Africa for centuries. Oral culture on the African continent has persisted when elsewhere in the world it has all but vanished. But with shifting populations and the rise of digital entertainment, who will continue to weave these stories around the fireside, and who will be there to listen?

By Alicia Mitchell

Opportunity from Global Integrity - Call for Experts: Web Index 2013

For details of countries involved (many in Africa) and to apply to join the research team, see http://globalintegrity.org/blog/web-index-hiring

Global Integrity is embarking on a partnership with the World Wide Web Foundation to prepare the 2013 Web Index.  The Web Index is the first multi-dimensional measure of the Web’s use, utility and impact. In 2012, the Web Index covered 61 developed and developing countries, incorporating indicators that assess the political, economic and social impact of the Web; in 2013 coverage will be increased to roughly 80 countries.  The Web Index is a tool that helps advocates and policy analysts draw upon actionable measures to identify impediments and track improvements in Web access and affordability.  The Web Index also helps inform decision-makers and regulators as to what changes can be made to Web governance in country to help achieve greater and more sustainable development outcomes.

This effort will require a global team of reporters and reviewers around the world to conduct original research and data gathering that will feed into the final 2013 Web Index. 

From Tactical Tech: Info Activism Camp - get your applications in!

Evidence is an activist's most powerful asset. Used well, it can
transform even the most difficult advocacy effort into an initiative
that influences perceptions and actions around an important issue.

Tactical Tech is organising the 2013 Info Activism Camp
(camp2013.tacticaltech.org) to explore the ways in which digital
technologies, data and visuals can be used to artfully present evidence
that influences debates, controversies and issues.

Applications are now open! We're seeking curious and creative
individuals – working in advocacy, data, technology, design and
journalism – to join us for a week of discussion, debate and skill-share.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet and build connections
with people working across the world, in different practices, and build
their knowledge and skills in evidence-based advocacy.

The camp will run from 23-30 June at Centro d'Ompio, a beautiful retreat
centre in Northern Italy (read more:

Places are limited. We only have 80 spots and plenty of interest! So
please do share this with suitable candidates. The application deadline
for those who require visas to come to Italy is 2nd April (24:00 CET)
and 15th April (24:00 CET) for those who don't.

More application information and forms:

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