The Bicycle Project: Making a Difference in the Lives of Children in Ghana

HuD Afrika is a humanitarian organization with the primary goal of serving the interest of the poor and the vulnerable from all walks of life in partnership with development minded forces, while constantly seeking innovative approaches to responding to the dynamics of human development. The project is run in collaboration with the Bosomtwe District Education Directorate of Ghana Education Services.

As part of our objectives to ease access to education for school children in rural communities, HuD Afrika partnered with the Village Bicycles Project of USA to support school children with quality used bicycles at highly subsidized cost. This project aims at offering high quality used bicycles at subsidized prices to school children in primary and junior high schools of rural communities around Lake Bosomtwe in Ashanti region of Ghana. The bicycle project activities involves:

  • Community sensitization
  • Workshops on bicycle mechanics
  • Bicycle Distribution, and
  • Sustainability visits

The programme begins with community sensitization and participant registration.

There are technical workshops run to develop the capacity of the bicycle beneficiaries to be able to care, maintain and carry out minor repairs on the bikes. All beneficiaries learn how to fix punctures, service the chain, fix pedals and general care for the bicycles. As a rule, all bicycle beneficiaries go through the workshop before a bicycle is given finally distributed as part of the workshop graduation ceremony.

The bicycle distribution to the graduates of the bicycle workshop is only part of the process but not an end in itself. Below is a graduation class and after this session the students take a ride home.

After the ceremony the student ride home as proud owners of quality bicycle and the sustainability visits by the HuD Afrika continues. Please click on the icon below and ride home with the students who through this Bicycle Project have improved access to education.

Rally for Health in Congo

Mahatma Gandhi once said that it is important to be the change you want to see. Making change happen is one thing, but keeping that sustained is another. The answer, is exactly as Gandhi pointed out: in being the change oneselve. That's the best way of making sure that the lasting impact of the change you make, remains sustainable and owned. 

Phishing alert: Beware fake emails asking for your passwords!

From two members today I was asked about exactly the same email purporting to be from "our tech support team" and asking for confidential information that should never be shared by email to anyone, ever. If you received this message, please just delete it - don't even bother responding. And definitely do not do as it says and respond with password information. 

Great lineup of Africa Roundtables starts on 13 May with "OpenAid for NGOs", Clayton Dewey from Aten Design Group

Clayton Dewey wrote up a nice post on his blog introducing himself and his topic for the Africa Roundtable coming up on 13 May - see below, after a listing of the great Africa Roundtables we have planned for this summer. To help our event team gauge interest and make plans, please register for the events that interest you as soon as possible!

On May 6, 2014, Kabissa joined 200 Nonprofits for Kitsap Great Give!

Kitsap Great Give

Trivia fact: did you know? the US-based nonprofit organization that governs and operates the Kabissa online networking platform is based on Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride from Seattle in the northwest corner of the United States. Bainbridge is located in Kitsap County, named after Chief Kitsap of the Suquamish tribe. According to wikipedia, Kitsap County was originally called Slaughter County! Thankfully it was soon renamed.  

More immediately relevant to Kabissa is the fact that we have been included in a distinguished group of 200 nonprofits to participate in Kitsap Great Give, a one-day giving event with the aim to raise $500,000 in total. Donations will be incentivized by a widely promoted campaign and exciting prizes contributed by local foundations. 

Kabissa may be run by volunteers, but we depend on donations to cover our core costs. No matter where you are in the world, please join the campaign on 6 May and donate to Kabissa!

Heartbleed Bug - Change passwords TODAY to google, yahoo and many other online services!

Update 4/11: There's a great post over on with an update on which sites were affected (with before/after lists) and what action should be taken. Key is to not bother updating passwords until the site has been fixed. Link:

I just finished changing alot of passwords. <phew>

Please take some time TODAY to read this brief post and change passwords for services that were affected by the Heartbleed Bug but have been fixed already. 

eLearning Africa 2014: A Turning Point for African Economies (Kampala, Uganda May 28-30 2014)

eLearning Africa 2014

Building a prosperous future at eLearning Africa 2014

More than ever before, Africans are turning to ICT-supported learning to grow their economies. In 2013, the eLearning Africa Report found that 40% of African technology-assisted learning professionals were using ICTs specifically for skills training, up from 18% the previous year.

The benefit of ICT-supported learning is that it allows employers to provide vocational training to a great number of workers for little cost. This year’s eLearning Africa, 28th – 30th May in Kampala, Uganda, will explore how technology is revolutionising learning and training across the continent, under the theme “Opening Frontiers to the Future”.

“Many African countries are seeking to diversify their economies and stimulate sectors such as tourism and finance, but skills shortages are preventing them from doing so”, says Rebecca Stromeyer, founder of eLearning Africa. “eLearning will allow more and more African countries to easily train the next generation of in-demand workers”.

Innovative people and organisations across the Continent are working to fill in this “skills-gap”. Leading this movement is LEAP Africa, which has equipped over 30,000 youth, business owners and professionals to lead positive change in their personal lives, business ventures and local communities. Iyadunni Olubode, Executive Director of LEAP, and keynote speaker at eLearning Africa 2014, emphasises the role that using technology to support learning can play: “eLearning tools, including audio and video, are critical in reaching the Continent’s teeming population”.

Dr Bitange Ndemo, former Permanent Secretary of Kenya’s Ministry of Information and Communication and an eLearning Africa 2014 keynote speaker, believes that vocational skills often do not receive the recognition they deserve: “We have spent many years trying to focus on theory and hoping that it will translate to skills. This is a false belief. Countries that are successful have a strong skills development programme. In Kenya whilst there are many jobs, there is widespread unemployment because the youth lack the skills. This problem can be solved if on-line content in all trades, including soft skills, is widely accessible. Many youth are known to shun vocational training in favour of nonexistent white collar jobs. There is need to encourage the youth to take up blue collar skills that offer many opportunities for training”.

eLearning Africa 2014 will bring together policy experts, educational professionals and business leaders to tackle this and other topics. Hosted by the Republic of Uganda, the conference's wide-ranging plenaries, sessions and exhibitions will showcase the inspiring stories, innovations and research that make up today's complex picture of ICT for development, education and training in Africa.

Renowned for its vibrant, stimulating atmosphere, eLearning Africa is the place to discuss Africa's exciting future. This year's conference will bring together more than 1,500 technology and education professionals.

Notes for editors

  • eLearning Africa, 9th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training
  • May 28 - 30, 2014
  • Speke Resort and Conference Centre Ltd, Munyonyo, Kampala, Uganda
  • Organisers: ICWE GmbH, Government of Uganda

Managing Director: Rebecca Stromeyer Email: [email protected]
Tel.: +49 (0)30 310 18 18-0
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Innovation hubs - how the Internet is setting the path for innovation

Taken from the GIZ publication

Only a few years ago 'unconferences' where a new and different type of event, where people organized themselves online to meet somewhere to listen and exchange about crazy ideas. The web-based model of open innovation developed into face-to-face events. Years later, we are now witnessing how innovation hubs are popping up across the world. Spaces are being opened for anyone to exchange ideas and find help and solutions to seriously implement these. The Internet, as platform for open innovation, has been transforming the way we collaborate, which makes companies, for instance, experiment with incubators, accelerators oropen innovation challenges.

Luckily, these innovation hubs are not reserved to capitals from the Northern hemisphere; in contrary, the most vibrant communities are located in the Southern hemisphere. 

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