MOTECH Suite workshop: August 27-29 in Accra, Ghana

Dimagi and Grameen Foundation are hosting the first ever MOTECH Suite workshop from August 27-29 in Accra, Ghana!


MOTECH Suite is an open source software platform that enables organizations to deploy and manage a wide range of mobile health applications. MOTECH Suite is being developed to deliver economies of scale by supporting multiple use cases to be scaled on the same platform, and by supporting integration to national information and reporting systems.


The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Build a community of mHealth implementers in Ghana
  • Share best practices & strategies for mHealth projects running at scale
  • Enable participants to be leaders in mHealth within their organizations
  • Introduce attendees to MOTECH Suite's array of tools, including CommCare, CommTrack, CommConnect, and core MOTECH systems
  • Share case studies about regional mHealth programs and how they use mobile technology

Workshop Details:

  • Dates: Wednesday, August 27th through Friday, August 29th
  • Time: 9:00AM -- 5:00PM
  • Location: Kofi Annan Center for Excellence in ICT
  • Who should attend? Directors, program managers, and heads of departments from NGOs, IGOs, funding organizations, research institutions, and government agencies
  • Language: The workshop will be run in English
  • Workshop fee: $75 for the entire workshop. Lunch and coffee will be provided daily. Per diems or travel stipends are not available.

For those interested in attending, please submit your application by Friday, August 8, 2014. Attendance will be limited to 35 participants.


Please refer any questions you have about this workshop and similar workshops to



Gillian Javetski (

EACO Promoting Bee Keeping in Uganda, you can Join the Team!

EACO has empowered rural vulnerable people with knowledge and skills in beekeeping, as a way of addressing rural poverty and general health issues and to provide them with a set of basic tools and support to help them get off the poverty trap.

We are so happy for this project, you can also join us for phase 2 where we want to purchase the items that will be used while harvesting. Volunteers can also join to train, students can join the team.

Photos on Facebook

Anyone can help!

Farm work

Are you interested in working with animals, bees? By special arrangement you might be able to join our farm team. We have a dedicated Monday to Friday group who support the farmer and new opportunities occasionally arise.


Do you have green fingers and like to work outside in a beautiful setting? Or maybe you’re just keen to join in and learn. We currently have a gardening club. Tasks include weeding, planting and maintaining the market garden, and so on.


Are you interested in joining our bee team? An enthusiasm for bees and honey production and a regular commitment is all you need. The bee team do valuable work for the bees as well as for us… Learn how to maintain the hives on the farm – we give full training.

Broadening our Horizons

Africa is at the tipping point where we all need to get our acts together and push our limits. As we work with the youths especially, we must make them realize that we can go from an aid recieving continent to an aid giving one.

From the reports that are posted by organizations, we know that what is missing is not the ability to develop mentally and technologically that is lacking but it is the enabling environment to expand our horizon. We must not be so discouraged by the great inventions that have been accomplished by others that we now think there is nothing more to invent.

Every era is faced with these limitations where people think that human society cannot pass a certain level only for inventions and discoveries to break bring down these walls. As we repair bicycles and make use of second hand computers and other donated items, let us look at how we can use these as leverage for our own contribution to better the human existence.


The Bicycle Project: Making a Difference in the Lives of Children in Ghana

HuD Afrika is a humanitarian organization with the primary goal of serving the interest of the poor and the vulnerable from all walks of life in partnership with development minded forces, while constantly seeking innovative approaches to responding to the dynamics of human development. The project is run in collaboration with the Bosomtwe District Education Directorate of Ghana Education Services.

As part of our objectives to ease access to education for school children in rural communities, HuD Afrika partnered with the Village Bicycles Project of USA to support school children with quality used bicycles at highly subsidized cost. This project aims at offering high quality used bicycles at subsidized prices to school children in primary and junior high schools of rural communities around Lake Bosomtwe in Ashanti region of Ghana. The bicycle project activities involves:

  • Community sensitization
  • Workshops on bicycle mechanics
  • Bicycle Distribution, and
  • Sustainability visits

The programme begins with community sensitization and participant registration.

There are technical workshops run to develop the capacity of the bicycle beneficiaries to be able to care, maintain and carry out minor repairs on the bikes. All beneficiaries learn how to fix punctures, service the chain, fix pedals and general care for the bicycles. As a rule, all bicycle beneficiaries go through the workshop before a bicycle is given finally distributed as part of the workshop graduation ceremony.

The bicycle distribution to the graduates of the bicycle workshop is only part of the process but not an end in itself. Below is a graduation class and after this session the students take a ride home.

After the ceremony the student ride home as proud owners of quality bicycle and the sustainability visits by the HuD Afrika continues. Please click on the icon below and ride home with the students who through this Bicycle Project have improved access to education.

Rally for Health in Congo

Mahatma Gandhi once said that it is important to be the change you want to see. Making change happen is one thing, but keeping that sustained is another. The answer, is exactly as Gandhi pointed out: in being the change oneselve. That's the best way of making sure that the lasting impact of the change you make, remains sustainable and owned. 

Phishing alert: Beware fake emails asking for your passwords!

From two members today I was asked about exactly the same email purporting to be from "our tech support team" and asking for confidential information that should never be shared by email to anyone, ever. If you received this message, please just delete it - don't even bother responding. And definitely do not do as it says and respond with password information. 

Great lineup of Africa Roundtables starts on 13 May with "OpenAid for NGOs", Clayton Dewey from Aten Design Group

Clayton Dewey wrote up a nice post on his blog introducing himself and his topic for the Africa Roundtable coming up on 13 May - see below, after a listing of the great Africa Roundtables we have planned for this summer. To help our event team gauge interest and make plans, please register for the events that interest you as soon as possible!

On May 6, 2014, Kabissa joined 200 Nonprofits for Kitsap Great Give!

Kitsap Great Give

Trivia fact: did you know? the US-based nonprofit organization that governs and operates the Kabissa online networking platform is based on Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride from Seattle in the northwest corner of the United States. Bainbridge is located in Kitsap County, named after Chief Kitsap of the Suquamish tribe. According to wikipedia, Kitsap County was originally called Slaughter County! Thankfully it was soon renamed.  

More immediately relevant to Kabissa is the fact that we have been included in a distinguished group of 200 nonprofits to participate in Kitsap Great Give, a one-day giving event with the aim to raise $500,000 in total. Donations will be incentivized by a widely promoted campaign and exciting prizes contributed by local foundations. 

Kabissa may be run by volunteers, but we depend on donations to cover our core costs. No matter where you are in the world, please join the campaign on 6 May and donate to Kabissa!

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