Laptop Donation Burkina FasoBurkina Faso is one of the most remote countries in Africa.  It is also Africa's poorest county.  So access to computer technology is extremely limited.  Peace Corps Burkina Faso volunteer Casey Kean realized the benefits that providing computers to communities would create and decided that donating computers would be one of the main projects of his two year service.

Casey worked with InterConnection to make this goal a reality.  After months of planning and creative fund raising he placed an order for 62 laptops and 95 desktop computers.  Within a few weeks InterConnection had prepared the computers with French Windows XP and Office 2003.  

The initial plan of sending the computers by ocean container was abandoned due to time constraints, Casey ends his service in early June.  The only choice was to send the computers by air.  Computers were packaged and sent to the freight forwarder.  A day before they were scheduled to be shipped a volcano in Iceland erupted which grounded all flights for about a week.  Once flights were rescheduled there was a huge backlog among air carriers, including Air Kenya, the main carrier into Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.  Air Kenya placed an embargo on all new bookings.  A new carrier was found, Air France, that would accept the cargo.  Air France's cargo rates were nearly double the price of Air Kenya, but InterConnection agreed to cover the difference to ensure the Casey and computers to Burkina Fasocomputers arrived on time. 

In mid May the computers arrived and were distributed to schools and communities.  This was one of InterConnection's most complicated and worthy shipments and we are very pleased that it ended well.

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