This week we launched the new with beta data in 13 new languages, including these from Africa: Gusii, Hehe, Kinyarwanda, Luganda, Pulaar, Setswana, Songhay, and Yeyi. This will be the dictionary of the future, linking concepts between languages in ways that have never before been attempted.

Kamusi began with Swahili, and went multilingual in response to a request from Rwanda. All the programming has taken place in Africa. Now we're proud to export globally too, today adding Spanish, French, Romanian, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese! You can get a sense of the system in action by going to and clicking through some of the links among concepts in our demo data set.

Or you can go to YouTube and watch this street video from Nairobi:

The Kamusi platform is designed to handle any language in a flexible and comprehensive manner. Please get in touch if you want to talk about how you can bring your language into the system. 

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