As my job journey continues throughout Africa, I am taking advantage to meet Kabissa members or people involved in the local civil society in Lagos.

Today I had the pleasure to meet a good friend of mine, Olumide Ojetunde, the founder of a very young organization – YouThink Nigeria. According to their Facebook page, they have made it their mission to share their thought, build long lasting relationships, as well as discovering and educating young leaders on the importance of critical thinking. Their approach is collaborative, responsive and knowledgeable meetings, with the goal of creating young transformational leaders that will think right and lead right.

After having spent one afternoon with Olumide, but also with the other members of the organization (Michael, Olumide, Debo, Emanuel, Mayowa) I could say that I have met a part of a vibrant and passionate youth of Lagos. I have realized that the challenges are the same all over the world – well, at least in Europe and Africa. And when I say challenges, I mean limited access to education, lack of mentors for the young people, lack of guidance through the process of discovering themselves. However, this group of ambitious people has some great ideas – still under brainstorming – of how to offer alternative solutions for young people that do not have access to a good education, how to interest them about their own lives when all that matters to them is football and Prison Break. The answers I got to my tricky questions impressed me and actually gave me the feeling upon my leaving that there is much hope. People do care. And civil society does take the problems of their communities in their own hands.

In order to discover more about this organization, how they plan to implement their strategies and who would benefit of their energy and passion, I plan to organize a roundtable here in Lagos, featuring YouThink Nigeria, on the 19th of January 2013 which offers the opportunity for remote participation as well. I will keep you updated on the progress.

I am also grateful for the existence of Kabissa which gives me the framework to have this kind of meetings and debates.

I love to discover the endless resources that Africa has, especially human resources.

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