Greetings to our partners and supporters,

Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation (LUYODEFO) trusts that June has been a great month, and that the half-year brought lots of new activities as well.

We write to you with exciting news, our new website is up and running at a new location – URL, you can now find it at: Please, we request you to update your database system to link to our new URL at the link above.

We are proud of our new site! We are happy to say that the website designed and hosted by our friends Matt Shane and Kelli Shane at MSK Digital Media is clear, and its solid professional features that make it an incredibly useful resource for all—veteran supporters and newcomers alike. Best of all, it connects us with you and helps you to spread the message of the work we do together! We encourage you to explore it and tell others to do the same. We hope that our website answers most of the questions anyone may ask!

You know that empowering Uganda’s youth is the surest way for them to lead healthy lives, obtain quality educations and build strong communities. This new website is the next step in that effort and we hope that it inspires you to continue or deepen your support and to share and recommend our cause to others.

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