Hello everyone,

Firstly I would like to thank Diana and Tobias for giving me this opportunity and making me a part of your team. As Diana mentioned already in her post we have met in Lisbon few days ago and I must say that her enthusiasm and African spirit affected me so much that now I am even more in urge of travelling to Africa and seeing it myself.  Living and working in Africa is my dream since I was 14 and I believe that one day I will manage to fulfil my dream.

To introduce myself, I am from Slovakia, currently living and working in Lisbon, completing my Diploma in International studies with Politics and raising 2 children (photo posted on Diana’s latest blog post). I have worked and studied 2 years in the UK, worked for almost 2 year in a Pharmaceutical company (GlaxoSmithKline) in Slovakia, 6 years in a Statistical Office of the European Communities in Luxembourg and since September 2009 I am in Lisbon working for the European Maritime Safety Agency.

My position at Kabissa is volunteer recruiter. My most urgent objective is to recruit the Membership Manager, Events Coordinator and "Blogger in chief" (new position! description coming soon) by the end of April. I hope I will manage to find the best people to strengthen the Kabissa family and help this organisation to succeed.

Before applying for the job at Kabissa I have been searching for a voluntarily work for almost 1 year and ½ but applied only for Kabissa. This organisation made me believe that no matter where we are and what we do, together we can make a difference.

So thank you Kabissa and its members for existing and giving me this amazing opportunity.


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