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Dear friends, 

As 2012 draws to a close and the new year beckons, I wish a happy holidays to you and your loved ones on behalf of the Kabissa team and board of directors.

I have a final favor to ask before you turn off your computer and join your families for the holidays. Please make a donation to Kabissa this year. Even a small token donation gives us encouragement and helps us reach our goal.

Since 1999, Kabissa has been a trusted partner to organizations working to improve the lives of people in Africa. We will be in touch again in the new year to brief you on our plans for scaling up our activities with a view to becoming a globally trusted source for Who’s Doing What Where In Africa.

Our idea is to leverage trust relationships in our community to dramatically increase the number of organizations in our directory, help the most trusted organizations become better known, and publish the resulting high quality database as open data so that information about the most trusted organizations gets to where it is most needed.*

This is a unique and innovative idea and its impact will be deeply felt across Africa. Please donate generously and help make it a reality!

We are very excited about what the new year brings for Africa and are thrilled that Kabissa has a role to play in empowering organizations working on the continent to improve the lives of people in their communities. Thank you for your support and partnership. 

In gratitude,

Tobias Eigen Signature

Tobias Eigen,
Founder and Executive Director

* For more details on the Kabissa Trust Badges idea and to share your ideas (or offer partnership!) please see We'd love to hear from you. Kabissa is an enthusiastic advocate of Open Data as explained at

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