Internet searches for "John Githongo" always turn up interesting results. In this case a video of a powerful lecture he gave at the Nordic Africa Institute entitled "Governance Reform from below" in which John talks about how he spent 2009 touring Kenya and interviewing people. John had just been in Berlin before that and told us much of his remarkable story and insights, but I am pleased to see that it has been recorded and made available online.  

The lecture took place almost exactly a year ago, and in it you can see the seeds of what has become Inuka Ni Sisi, "a grassroots social movement dedicated to inspiring Kenyans at every level to take charge of improving their own lives by promoting Heshima (dignity and respect for others), Diversity (inclusiveness and equality) and Self-Belief: Ni Sisi! – It is Us! And, Inuka believes It is Up to Us to transform Kenya into a country of which we can all be proud. Kenyan problems must be met with Kenyan solutions." 

I'm proud to know John and to have his trust and guidance as Kabissa Board Member. I look forward to watching Inuka Ni Sisi grow, and invite you to do the same. 

Click here to watch the video or here to download the MP3 audio recording (55.4MB). 

John Githongo lecture: Governance Reform from Below


Governance Reform from Below
Lecture by John Githongo, Zinduko Trust, Kenya
Filmed 24 November 2009 (62 min)

The struggle against corruption in Africa has come to rest partly on the initiatives of individuals of great convictions. However, the struggle for a fair, just and equitable humanity risks losing direction if it relies primarily on individual initiative at the expense of collective action and on modernizing institutions at the expense of transforming their internal work cultures for better state-society relations. John Githongo’s presentation will reflect on the essentials to transforming institutions and the role local level ideas and participation can play. He will illustrate this using the Zinduko and Twaweza initiatives that he currently co-ordinates.

John Githongo is a Kenyan civil society luminary best known for his role in investigating and exposing the Anglo-Leasing corruption scandal in the country. But, in fact, Mr. Githongo combines in his impressive professional work numerous attributes. These include his extended work in the field of journalism for which he took the third prize of the CNN African Journalist of the Year in 1995, several engagements as a consultant and advisor to international organizations, enormous interests in research and publishing and also serving as Trustee on many local and international organizations. Githongo has been Director, Transparency International (Berlin and Kenya) from 1999 to 2002. He is the founding Trustee of Zinduka Trust, an organization that focuses on governance reforms from below.


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