Federation of Somali journalists launched

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Journalists in the Somali capital have for the first time announced the launch of the Federation of Somali journalists that brings together all the existing media groups in and an outside the country as well as journalists individually.


The launch of FESOJ, calls upon all relevant stakeholders and most prominently the Government of Somalia and the rebel groups to respect and promote the rights of the journalists and the freedom of the expression.


In its Plan of Action, the Federation of Somali Journalists spells out key strategies to respond to the difficult situations faced by Somali journalists and to stand for their defence and advocacy.


The federation comes after consultations with all the media groups, prominent journalists and veteran Somali journalists, who were today present at the launching ceremony.


Veterans and well-known Somali journalists, Abdi Haji Goobdon, Sa’id Abdisalan, Abdi sheikh doon, Ciise Farah, Husein Qoryoley and many others have attended the ceremony and joined the federation.

“We want to join you and leave our experience behind before we die, United we stand divided we fall,” said Sa’id Abdisalan, Old and much respected Somali journalist.


“Together we can sound like a lion but divided we will only bark as a dog,” said Abdi Haji goobdoon

The information minister of the Somali government and that of Puntland Abdirahman Osman Yarisow and Abdi/hakin Ahmed Guleed as well as Mps, civil society members, human rights defenders and other dignitaries have attended the launching ceremony and welcomed the move.

 “I welcome your move and As a government we promise the respect of the freedom of the expression and the nobly profession of the journalists,” said Somali information minister Abrahman Omar Osman.


 “This is a long awaited move and I think this federation will pave the way for better and bright future for Somali journalists, I welcome and wish you success” said Puntland information minister Abdi/hakin Ahmed Guleed. " it is unacceptable that some one uses the blood of the journalists to look for a fund , " he said


 “Challenges like the lack of recognition of the rights of the free media in Somalia, especially the journalists voicing for the voiceless, repeated arrests and harassments by Puntland and Somali government authorities and impunity and lack of redress on rights violations experienced by defenders constituted the need to create and launch this Organization,” said the interim chairman of the Federation of the Somali Journalists Mohamed Olad Hassan.


 “The new federation will spearhead a move seeking to maximise journalists’ protection in the current legal, political and social context in Somalia” Olad said


More than 50 journalists, who participated today’s launching ceremony, have appealed the international community and the donor countries to support them so that they will be able to survive in one of the world’s most difficult terrain, Mogadishu,



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