I am very enthusiastic about the next Kabissa Roundtable organised this time in Lagos, on the 26th of January 2013, 2pm, at the Secretariat of YouThink Nigeria

We have started the series of Roundtables in March 2012 and we have been continuously adapting them taking into account the lessons learned during the process. It is the first time when we manage to organize one Roundtable "at home", in Africa. 

When I celebrated my one year anniversary with Kabissa, in July 2012, I stated that I plan to organize Africa Roundtables wherever I will find myself on this fascinating continent. Continuing my Tour of Africa I have met several Young Activists in Lagos and I have promised I would organize a Roundtable here, in Lagos, featuring YouThink Nigeria, an organisation which is at the beginning of its promising path, but which already shows great potential: one of their written solution which followed a Think Tank meeting won an award as an essay sent for the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) 60th anniversary in South-Africa. The topic they covered was "How your country can reduce the incidences of women who die in childbirth".

Here I am, succeeding in organizing this event as promised. Therefore it is my pleasure to invite you to register to the event, following this link, where you can also find more details about the speakers and who else is coming. You will also find the address of the location on the registration page if you plan to attend in person. Online participation is also possible, thanks to the logistics arrangements taken care of by the host and featured organisation.

This event stands as a proof of how Kabissa's resources (passionate volunteers, online platform, extended network) can be used to help grassroots organisations to make themselves heard and supported in their activities.


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Thank you Diana for organizing this great event in Lagos - it is much appreciated and I look forward to learning from both participants and the featured speakers, as well as seeing how the Kabissa roundtable events program evolves and can be replicated in more locations around the world and especially in Africa. 

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