"It's Our Turn To Eat" - Controversial book now available as an e-book

The book that Kenyan bookstores have all been to scared to stock is available to all (if you have a credit card) as an ebook through Harper Collins.

Michela Wrong's recent book, "It's Our Turn to Eat - The Story of a Kenyan Whistle Blower" has upset quite a few big names in the political arena and bookstores nationwide have been scared to stock it for fear of liability. Alas, the World Wide Web comes to the rescue again! You can buy the book online for £5.56 (cheaper than what it would be on the bookshelves) and they send you a copy of the book in pdf! 

Click HERE for details

Power, politics and HIV/AIDS in the African blogosphere

16th November: 0828 hrs
Google Search key words: HIV/AIDS Africa
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16th November: 0836 hrs
Google Search key words: HIV/AIDS Africa Blogs
Results: 1,140,000 for HIV/AIDS Africa Blogs (0.22 seconds)

21st November: 0659 hrs
Google Search key words: Politics and Power HIV/AIDS Africa blogs
Results: 418,000 for Politics and Power HIV/AIDS Africa blogs (0.16 seconds)

MARS TV - Alternative TV for social justice in Kenya

The MARS Group have been working relentlessy to bring out the buried facts of corruption, greed, theft - not that we need any more convincing that Kenya has been hijacked by a thieves. Click on the image below to watch the documentaries and promos. Spread the word and write to MARS Group if you would like a copy of all the videos. Help get them out to your neighbourhood...


Entrepreneurs gather to support and formulate second stage for revisioning Kenya

Bethuel KiplagatA selection of Kenya's most successful financiers and businessmen will mingle with the country's newest thinkers at Nairobi National Museum on Wednesday 19th November to gather information and pledge support for the radical new project Revisioning Kenya.

Conceived this year, an amount of Ksh 3 million - together with workspace, mentoring and development facilities - has already been promised by a number of prominent corporates in a bid to help bright new brains to develop their imaginative concepts into solid activities that are good for Kenya

Click HERE to read the rest of this press release

Politics is about exploiting the poor

It's Blog Action day and this year bloggers around the world are you uniting in one common cause: making noise against poverty. Does it help throwing more cluster into cyberspace? I doubt it. The poor will still be poor at the end of today and the rich will be richer. Do we splash logos, banners and pictures of emaciated children across the screens because we sincerely believe it will help or because it makes going to sleep easier?

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