Tactical Dialogue: Using Radio to Empower and Engage Communities - May 26 to June 1

Join New Tactics for a dialogue on Using Radio to Empower and Engage Communities from May 26 to June 1, 2010.  Human Rights groups are finding new ways to reach their audience through radio.  This dialogue will bring together human rights practitioners using community radio to empower communities, shortwave radio to reach communities limited by government-run media and radio stations, and other innovative uses of audio to share critical informati

Egyptian activists use mobile phones to alert their networks of harassment or arrest by police

Activists, bloggers, journalists and students in Egypt are using their mobile phones to alert their networks if they are in danger or have been arrested using SMS text messaging and the micro-blogging service Twitter. Egyptian activists who have informed their network of arrest by police have proved this to be an effective means of getting the word out quickly of their detention so that fellow activists can pressure the government for a quick release, or mount a longer-term campaign in the result of formal charges.

Symantec: Funding technology that's fueling sustainable social change in South Africa

In Guguletu, South Africa, a woman named Linda provides care for eight children who have no home of their own. Linda knows each of the children’s stories, ages, and names.

Except for one.

Linda can’t tell you the name of one of the girls, because she hasn’t spoken since arriving at Linda’s home with no documentation or other information. Though physically healthy, the child remains silent. Linda worries that she was previously literally locked up alone somewhere.

In Amsterdam? Meet up with Kabissa founder Tobias Eigen to talk East Africa on May 29

I am coming to Amsterdam this week for the Global Reporting Initiative conference and would like to take the opportunity to also meet up with some of the great people in Amsterdam I have been hearing about who are working on innovative projects in East Africa. Rolf Kleef has kindly helped identify a venue, make sure we have sufficient coffee and a nearby brewery to celebrate afterwards. 

We say, let there be no more avoidable and preventable road traffic accidents in Nigeria

Accident Prevention & Rescue Initiative, a Non-Governmental Organization promoting road traffic safety, is calling on the Federal Government of Nigeria to investigate the current high rate of road traffic accidents, injuries and deaths in Nigeria. It is obvious that Nigeria is among developing countries with poor road traffic safety facilities.


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