UPDATE: We are shutting down the server on June 30th. Please contact Kabissa immediately if you are having any problems with your domain or need help. We are standing by to help you.  

As explained in an announcement today, Kabissa is changing. We are immediately starting work to dramatically improve the website at www.kabissa.org to strengthen the Kabissa network and enable us to be a better partner to African organisations seeking to put technology to work. At the same time, we are streamlining our Internet services to focus on being a trusted Domain Registrar for organisations in our network. This means that in the future, we will register and help manage domain names (e.g. yourorg.org) for our member organisations, but we will no longer offer domain hosting on our server. We are excited about the opportunity this change presents for us to help larger numbers of Kabissa members to have their own domain name on the Internet using powerful tools and services available for free or at low cost.

It took us quite some time to reach this decision, as we have enjoyed the relationships we have built up with our hosting members over the years and know that many organisations rely on us for their important every day work. Nevertheless, we now recognize that the hosting service we have been offering to date could never be scalable and that we should not be competing with the increasingly capable local hosting providers in Africa, online providers like Google and Yahoo, and the reseller services that we would be using to provide hosting services anyway. We are confident that organisations currently hosting with us will agree that the new services they will be able to move to now will greatly increase their capabilities online.

On April 30, 2009, we will shut off the Kabissa server and cease hosting email, website and mailing lists. If you are currently hosting on Kabissa, you will need to take action to move your email, website and/or mailing lists to another hosting provider before April 30th or risk disruption of service. We recommend that, like Kabissa itself and several of our members already, you move your email accounts to a Google Apps account. Google Apps offers free email, calendar, online documents, and more, all on a user-friendly, multilingual web interface. Google Apps also provides a tool for creating simple websites which may be adequate for your website needs. If not, you will need to consider other options for hosting your website using a traditional hosting provider. We can help with the migration of your domains to Google Apps and/or any other hosting provider of your choice and will do our best to provide a seamless transition.

Contact Kabissa Tech Support privately by email to start the planning process with us to migrate (or simply close) your hosting account, and we will walk you through the process personally. Don't hesitate to ask any questions or express concerns. If you like, you can also share your reactions by adding a public comment to this post on our website.

In solidarity,

Tobias Eigen
Executive Director

Kabissa - Space for Change in Africa

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